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Yellowstone Wood Products is located along the famed Yellowstone Trail in Central Wisconsin. Our family-owned business began a decade ago and continues to expand the products and source materials to better suit the demands and desires of our loyal customers. Rooted in the fine Mennonite woodworking tradition, we have developed additional techniques that allow us speedier production and delivery. We are part of the Clark County Mennonite community that moved from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Clark County, Wisconsin over 30 years ago. The timber-rich geography of the Midwest grants us plentiful access to hard and soft Maple, Red Oak, Cherry and Walnut – all of which can be found in our designs and products – and they’re just the beginning of the quality craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our products. 

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Yellowstone Wood Products | Thorp, WI

Butcher Blocks: Cutting Down On Waste

Butcher Blocks are a prime example of recycled and renewable resources being put to excellent use as they are typically made from leftover pieces of wood that might otherwise be thrown away or ground into sawdust. Butcher blocks are typically used as chopping boards but can also be crafted into countertops.

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While wood countertops are certainly softer than most of their alternatives, with proper care and maintenance, butcher block countertops and tables can withstand the test of time.


It's no secret that wood provides a warm, inviting feeling that you don't get with marble, granite, or other materials. Add the natural beauty of solid wood countertops to your kitchen or bath.


A truly custom solution, butcher block countertops are hand crafted with meticulous care and skill to give you a look that is unique and fits your specific style.

natural butcher block kitchen countertop

The beautiful wood and the craft of the making are a treasure…


Questions? Ask Us!

All of our butcher block products come with complete care and maintenance instructions and warranty information. If you have any further questions about your new purchase or a future purchase, feel free to get in touch with us!