Butcher Block Countertop Warranty Information

The Butcher Block Store by Yellowstone Wood Products

​If your order is defective or damaged, please take pictures and email us immediately. If you are receiving a freight shipment, you MUST write “DAMAGE” on your delivery receipt before you sign it. Even if the issue does not appear to be shipping related, it must be noted on the receipt. You do not have to describe the damage. You can simply write “DAMAGE” on the delivery receipt. If the driver will not wait for inspection, please note the delivery receipt with “DAMAGE”. This allows us to pursue a damage claim if necessary.




You must notify us within seven days for any defect or damage claim to be considered. All communications about these issues must be via email. If your item is defective or damaged, it must be returned to us for repair or replacement, at our discretion. We will pay shipping charges and ask for your patience while the issue is resolved.

The following are NOT considered defects:

  • Variations in color and grain
  • Minor warping
  • The proportion of heartwood to sapwood
  • The underside of your product may contain knots, holes, voids, etc. They are not considered defects if they are on the underside and do not affect the structural integrity of the product.

In addition to the above, we warrant all products against glue joint delamination for a period of one year from receipt. If your product suffers a glue joint delamination, it will need to be returned to us for replacement or repair, at our discretion. We will pay shipping charges and ask for your patience while the issue is resolved. The period of one year starts on the delivery date. If your block is later repaired or replaced, the one year period is still from the original delivery date.

This warranty is void for any of the following reasons:

  • The product was exposed to extreme conditions, including very low or very high humidity or extreme temperature changes.
  • The product contains a cutout for a sink, either cut by you or us.
    The product is modified in any way, other than necessary for normal installation
  • The product is exposed to water. Minor water splashes or spills that are wiped up immediately do not fit this condition.
  • The product was not properly installed. Wood is a natural material and will expand and contract. When installing your product, please make allowances for this. Please consult a qualified contractor for specific installation advice. Butcher blocks and plank tops should never be installed with adhesive.
  • The product was improperly maintained. If the finish is mineral oil, it must be applied on a regular basis to the top and all exposed sides, edges and underneath areas.

On very rare occasions, your order may be slightly delayed due to lumber availability or a defect that appears late in the production process. If your order is delayed, we will ship it as soon as possible. These delays happen very rarely and when they do, they are usually only a few days. We apologize for this but orders cannot be canceled.

We strongly recommend not scheduling any definite installation until you have received your shipment.

If your order is being repaired or replaced, you will need to repackage the product with the original packaging materials and have it available for pickup. If it is a freight shipment, you will also need to get the skid on a truck. The original shipping method will be used for the pickup of the product and delivery of the repaired/replaced product. The same lead time will apply to the replacement product. If the product is being returned for repair, the turnaround time will depend on the transit time and the complexity of the issue. However, we are often able to make repairs in less than a week for unfinished and under two weeks for prefinished.

If there is an issue with your order and the above conditions are met, we will repair or replace your product. If there are issues with subsequent shipments relating to the order, the same rules apply. Whether your order is damaged or defective, in part or in full, refunds will never be issued. Whether the issue is related to damage, defect or anything else, we will only repair or replace according to the terms on this page. Refunds will not be issued. We understand that the delay waiting for the repaired/replacement product(s) can be very inconvenient but refunds are not available.

Under no circumstances will refunds be issued.

Except for the above, we offer no warranty, express or implied. Our responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of the product, at our choosing, and the shipping costs associated with the product return process. We are not responsible for any other costs, including but not limited to, consequential damages, removal and installation of the products, packaging charges associated with the return, labor charges, lost income, inconvenience charges.

This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable.